Monday, August 11, 2008

Yeah, yeah, I suck at blogging

So, here are some of the things I've been working on instead of blogging:

I've been watching the Olympics as I can around my work schedule. Also I'm super excited about the Payne Co. Knitters group field trip this Saturday to Gourmet Yarn. After I finish the 2nd Pooling Purple Princess Sock, I think I'm going to try one of the "popular" sock patterns. I'm leaning towards Monkeys in Champlain Sunset by Cherry Tree Hill...what do you think?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

WWKIP Day....

...was a ton of fun!

We met in the park and sat and knit from 9am to 3:15pm. Here are some of the lovely people who joined us:

"We totally know what we are doing...I think."

"That freakin' skein of yarn was this big!"

Such a lovely day for knitting in the park!

Gold-Star knitter of the Day: gave a live demo of spit-splicing:)

"knit 10, purl 10, repeat!"

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Big*Hurking*Spider #2

You know, I've sort of become proud of myself because as I've lived out in the country for a while I have actually become less scared of bugs and spiders.

But then...oh, then...that all changed tonight as my roommate headed off toward the kitchen, stopped dead in her tracks and whilst hyperventilating said..."Comelookatthecatdish!"

I expected something, well, smaller. And as I took one look at the horrific sight, I had flashbacks to Big Hurking Spider #1. I couldn't bring myself to deal with it and obviously my roommate was to be of No Help Whatsofreakingever.

We actually had to call her dad, who just so happens to live nearby, to come over and deal with it. He was laughing until he saw the thing, and though I doubt he'll ever admit it, he actually took a large step back when he saw it. He did deal with it though and was even nice enough to refill the cat's water bowl afterwards.

WARNING: Big Hurking Spider ahead! Not for the weak of heart:




yeah, and it is in what I would call a medium sized pet dish. *shudder*

Monday, June 2, 2008

SonnetStitches came to visit, well not me, but I got to see her and her Hubby for a few hours while they were visiting family. We talked, petted yarn, and she showed me how to get started knitting socks two at a time, toe up magic loop style:) And we had a good time as always. I love getting to go visit her and wish I could make the drive up more often.


In other news, work sucks as always. It's busy and my friend Lippy (name changed to protect the innocent) is having some serious family problems. I'd pray for her if I were religious (she is), but I'm not, so I just try to be a good friend and listen to her let off some steam and be there for her as much as I can. We need to have a knitting/soap making night sometime soon, I bet she'd like that and it would help keep her mind off stuff.

I am actually making progress on my socks...slow progress. I have a problem with working on projects that take some time. It's hard for me to sit and just freaking knit through it. I get bored or my ass starts to hurt, or I feel like I'm getting eye strain from the small stitches...I really don't know what my problem is. I think next time I knit a pair of socks, I'm going to try one at a time. I like the satisfaction of visible progress from my hard work, so maybe that would be more rewarding, I'm just not sure of how I would handle SSS. We'll see.


In other news, I'm super effing excited about WWKIP day. I can't wait. I've managed to talk a couple of coworkers into joining me. And I'm really glad that a Ravelry'er from my town actually organized an event here so I don't have to drive an hour or more to join a group in a larger city. Thank you Jennatonnix!

Um, I've went a little fingering weight yarn crazy lately. But I've also been gathering some needles appropriate for sock knitting and I've ordered a couple of pattern books for socks and lace, which I concider an investment because they can theoretically be used forever if taken care of...

I've been working on Lippy's baby blanket as well, so I have actually been knitting, just not as much as I would like.


Monday, May 19, 2008's a freaking sock:)

It may be small and a bit deformed, but it's a SOCK.

So, yeah...

I pretty much suck at updating any blog I've ever had, I'd much rather read and look at other people's lovely blogs: and here is where I would link to SonnetStitches and KnitJoKnit if I could remember how to do that. Sheesh, looks like Joanna's got more work cut out for her than just teaching me how to knit a sock:) ps. I figured it out...

Anyway, so I know I said I would take pictures of stuff as it comes in and I have not done so...because I'm lazy I guess. I've gotten in two OP beach bags that I think will be perfect back up knitting bags. And I also got a sweet "primary" knitting bag from ebay that a lady sews up herself from cotton quilts. I also got a pencil case which shall hold my notions and a water bottle holder that shall hold, well, my water bottle. The knitting bag came with a needle case as well, which is cool, but a wee bit bulky so it may be my stay-at-home-hold-my-not-in-use-needles case.

And get roommate actually gave me the "you can't by any more sock yarn until you knit a pair of socks" lecture....already! I haven't even freakin started sock yarn gathering and she launched into it...can you freakin' believe it? Anyway, I waited until she went to bed then ordered $70 worth of high-quality sock yarn from Simply Socks Yarn Company so that I felt like I actually diserved that lecture:) Really, I still can't believe it. I even pulled up the photo of KnitJoKnit's plastic container of sock yarn as a visual aide. I only had enough yarn for three pairs of socks when she started lecturing! Ok...I'm done...really.

I bought a book on simple socks from Hastings tonight so I can get started soon. And besides, technically I did knit a freaking sock...even though it was my test baby sock.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Order #1

I couldn't wait for the mail today...I was hoping I'd get a box...and I did! Yay KnitPicks!

I don't really have specific plans for all of it yet, but I was thinking maybe a cabled scarf for the Andean Silk in Lettuce and perhaps some handwarmers for the Gloss in Cosmos and of course some yummy socks out of the Felici in Gelato. The pretty dpns are going to be used to start a spiral baby blanket for a friend and to flesh out my needle collection, of course.

Man, I really have no idea why my pictures are so dark. They looked good and bright on my camera...

Just getting started...

Working on 2 projects: scarf and baby blanket.
Waiting on 5 packages, 4 shipments of yarn and some knitting bags...heh...
Will post pics as packages arrive.