Sunday, June 8, 2008

Big*Hurking*Spider #2

You know, I've sort of become proud of myself because as I've lived out in the country for a while I have actually become less scared of bugs and spiders.

But then...oh, then...that all changed tonight as my roommate headed off toward the kitchen, stopped dead in her tracks and whilst hyperventilating said..."Comelookatthecatdish!"

I expected something, well, smaller. And as I took one look at the horrific sight, I had flashbacks to Big Hurking Spider #1. I couldn't bring myself to deal with it and obviously my roommate was to be of No Help Whatsofreakingever.

We actually had to call her dad, who just so happens to live nearby, to come over and deal with it. He was laughing until he saw the thing, and though I doubt he'll ever admit it, he actually took a large step back when he saw it. He did deal with it though and was even nice enough to refill the cat's water bowl afterwards.

WARNING: Big Hurking Spider ahead! Not for the weak of heart:




yeah, and it is in what I would call a medium sized pet dish. *shudder*

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Jo said...

OK, what's the point of HAVING a cat if he won't eat the giant spider???? *shudder* That's how Ella pays her rent.