Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Order #1

I couldn't wait for the mail today...I was hoping I'd get a box...and I did! Yay KnitPicks!

I don't really have specific plans for all of it yet, but I was thinking maybe a cabled scarf for the Andean Silk in Lettuce and perhaps some handwarmers for the Gloss in Cosmos and of course some yummy socks out of the Felici in Gelato. The pretty dpns are going to be used to start a spiral baby blanket for a friend and to flesh out my needle collection, of course.

Man, I really have no idea why my pictures are so dark. They looked good and bright on my camera...

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Johanna said...

Self-striping yarn is the most fun sock yarn ever. Or maybe I'm just simple. You will have fun with that. KnitPicks is pretty great stuff. And come on, you can't beat the price.

About the dark pictures: it may just be your monitor settings. Pictures that look fine on my laptop are sometimes too dark to make out on my work monitor.